Common DUI Defenses

Defending against a DUI requires in depth knowledge of the law. This is why you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer if you have been arrested for drunk driving. An attorney can assist you with building the evidence you need to turn your DUI into an acquittal. After a DUI arrest, it is critical that you begin collecting evidence as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to hire legal help. Below, we explain possible defenses that can be used to defend against DUI charges.

Collect Official Paperwork From Your Arrest

Obtain copies of police reports related to your DUI incident. You should also keep any citations, bonding paperwork, court information, license suspension paperwork, and the results from any tests that you have been administered. Keep these documents in safe and secure location. They could be vital to your case.

Remember Specific Details Leading Up to Your Arrest

You should be prepared to explain what you were doing before being stopped by police. If you were drinking, be ready to specify where and how much. Ask yourself: “Did the police explain my rights and the possible consequences of refusing to take a sobriety test?” Try to remember details about how the test was conducted. This includes whether or not you agreed to field sobriety testing, where and when was the test was performed, and what type of test was given (breath, blood or urine)?

Statements Made by Law Enforcement About Your Arrest

Just as a prosecutor will use whatever you say at the time of your arrest against you, your lawyer can do the same to the arresting officer as part of your DUI defense. What an officer said, or didn’t say, might have coerced you into self-incrimination.

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