3 Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Most people know motorcycle riding is incredibly dangerous. More often than not, other drivers of larger vehicles are the biggest part of what makes riding such a hazardous activity. Drivers don’t often expect these smaller vehicles to be nearby when they make turns or change lanes, so they might not bother to check between lanes. If you’re a bike rider, here are 3 ways you can better avoid a disastrous accident on the road.

Ride Defensively

Defensive riding and driving include preparing for the worst always. As a defensive rider, you assume other vehicle owners on the road never see you. By making this assumption, you can automatically make tactical decisions to defend yourself by keeping a safe distance between your bike and other vehicles.

Use Protective Gear

Unlike car drivers, you do not have the benefit of a large metal cage to protect you in an accident. Because of this, people have designed different methods to protect bikers on the road. From leather gear to complete body armor to helmets, bikers have the option of many types of protective gear from which to choose. While it may be expensive, it is worth the investment if you do find yourself in an accident. How much is a good set of gear compared to extensive medical bills after a severe injury?

Avoid Driving Between Moving and Parked Vehicles

Dooring is one of the most common types of motorcycle and bike accidents. It happens when a parked car’s owner opens the driver’s side door without checking to see if anyone is coming. The sudden obstacle often causes a rider to crash into either the door or another car in the left lane as the biker tries to avoid the car door. Likewise, not all drivers signal before they pull out of a parking spot and into moving traffic. Keep in lanes that are constantly moving, so you don’t get caught by surprise.

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